ACORD is synonymous with innovation in design and construction, yet our expertise extends beyond, positioning us as leaders in seismic and structural engineering consultancy. We transform your dreams into tangible realities, blending safety, beauty, and functionality in every project.

Our passion spans from the meticulous design of beach and country homes to ensuring structural integrity against seismic challenges. With a multidisciplinary team of engineers and architects, ACORD is dedicated to creating safe and unique living experiences, guiding you at every step towards realizing your vision, with solutions that reflect your aspirations and lifestyle.

At ACORD, every project is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety. We specialize in providing advanced seismic consultancy services, ensuring that your home is not only a haven of comfort and joy but also a bastion of safety against the unforeseen elements of nature.

Discover the perfect balance between beauty, functionality, and safety with ACORD, where each design is a step toward building a safer and more sustainable future.

About Us

A. CORDERO INGENIEROS E.I.R.L. (ACORD) stands out as a benchmark in the field of construction, architectural design, and seismic and structural engineering consultancy. With a solid track record specialized in seismic studies and structural engineering, we are dedicated to ensuring safety and durability in factories, hydrocarbon facilities, mining infrastructures, and civil works. Our commitment goes beyond creating livable spaces; we focus on creating solutions that combine safety, innovation, and sustainability.

Led by Engineer Alfonso Cordero, our multidisciplinary team offers unparalleled experience in the design and execution of real estate projects, as well as in the development of advanced strategies for seismic risk mitigation. At ACORD, every project is an opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering results that are not only functionally superior but also aesthetically impressive and environmentally responsible.

Our vision is to be global leaders in the sector, setting the standard in innovation, safety, and social responsibility. At ACORD, we build not just buildings, but a legacy of resilience, innovation, and commitment to the future.

Our team takes pride in offering our clients a range of seismic engineering consulting services, including:


At ACORD, we merge excellence in seismic and structural engineering with our dedication to building unparalleled beach and country homes, positioning ourselves as undisputed leaders in both fields of consultancy and construction.  

Our commitment is unwavering: to ensure unprecedented safety and minimize risks in every design, covering everything from advanced industrial facilities to private residences of sublime elegance. We transcend traditional boundaries of construction and architectural design, imbuing each project with unmatched structural robustness, durability, and innovation.

Supported by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, scientists, and architects, we stand out at ACORD for delivering tailor-made solutions of exceptional quality, meeting the specific needs of each client and reaffirming our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

We view each challenge as a window to innovation, dedicating ourselves to safety, sustainability, and excellence. At ACORD, we strive to be pioneers, leading the advance towards creating safe, environmentally responsible spaces at the frontier of contemporary design.


The vision of ACORD is to be a global leader in seismic engineering consultancy and construction, setting new standards in safety, innovative design, and sustainability. We aspire to be recognized not only for our excellence in building beach and country homes but also as trusted consultants in specific seismic studies and seismic response.

Our goal is to be the preferred partner for projects requiring a deep understanding of seismic hazards, soil response, and structural safety. 

We commit to pioneering the development of engineering solutions that protect both people and the environment, driving a safer and more sustainable future.

At ACORD, we believe in building a legacy of resilience, innovation, and responsibility.

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